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2800W of heating power.
Blade Patio Heater.

When you need to cover a larger area, the Blade is a superb choice. Our highest-powered model combines advanced energy-saving features with a 2800W carbon-fibre element capable of 22m2 of heat coverage.

  • Our highest powered model at 2800W – up to 22m2 heat coverage

  • Approximately 28p per hour running cost

  • Automatically shuts-off if people have left the area – further reducing carbon footprint

  • Includes wall-mounting and ceiling-suspension brackets

  • Premium carbon-fibre heating element provides more than 5,000 hours of heat

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Huge heating power that’s surprisingly efficient.

You might wonder how a 2800W heater can possibly save you money, but the Blade is packed with advanced eco-friendly features.

Packed inside its space-age, sleek extruded aluminium construction, you’ll find a state-of-the-art carbon-fibre heating element – hugely efficient and designed to offer a far lower carbon footprint than a traditional gas-powered heater.

While the Blade has a running cost comparable to a standard gas heater at approx. 28p per hour, the Blade is still the better choice – offering instant heat and near silent operation, zero required maintenance and built-in timer and people sensor functions to shut down the heater when it isn’t required.

The latest heating technology inside.

Whether you’re using outside or indoors, the Blade is designed to give you superior heating power while lowering energy costs and your carbon footprint.

The carbon-fibre element used in the Blade creates 95% less carbon emissions than a standard gas-powered heater would.

But that’s not all, to further reduce your costs we’ve equipped the Blade with a built-in sensor mode that can sense movement up to 4m and will shut-down automatically when people have left the area.

Additionally, there’s also a timer mode that enables you to ‘set and forget’, safe in the knowledge that the heater will automatically turn itself of in 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours – at your choice!

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Wall or ceiling installation. Safe and simple.

For complete flexibility, the Blade comes with both wall-mount and ceiling-mount brackets, making installation simple in your chosen location.

The high waterproof IP55 rating means it’s built to operate in outside conditions and withstand the good old British weather! The aluminium shell will not rust, and surface temperature does not exceed 90-degrees, making it friendly for installation on all kinds of construction materials.

Safety comes first. 

With full CE-approval and a waterproof rating of IP55, the Blade is fully suited to outdoor operation and conforms to all relevant safety standards, whether you choose to mount indoors or outside.

The extruded aluminium shell – resistant to rust and offering the highest levels of stability and safety.

Long-life. Low maintenance. 

All our heaters are designed using high-quality materials and parts.

The premium carbon-fibre element in the Blade heater has a standard life of at least 8000 hours under normal operating conditions.

Asides from keeping the unit clean – no other maintenance is required!


  • Innovative electric heating technology produces 2800W of infrared heat
  • Ultra low glare carbon fibre heating element – built to withstand over 8,000 hours of use
  • Heat distribution area up to 22m2
  • Waterproof rating of IP55 making it perfect for outdoor use, whatever the weather
  • Comes complete with both wall and ceiling mount brackets for flexible, easy installation
  • Head can be tilted to the correct angle for optimal heat projection
  • Control the device using the control panel or remote control
  • Advanced control functions include eco-mode (detects movement and shuts down when no one in vicinity) and off-timer (shuts down at specified time of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours)
  • Patented ‘snap-in’ heating tube structure makes replacing tubes easy
  • Robust anodised extruded aluminium construction with brushed metal finish

Technical Specifications

  • Heating Power: 2800W
  • Product Dimensions: 1270mm (W) x 188mm (H) x 195mm (D)
  • Product Weight: 7.4kg
  • Heating Element: Carbon Fibre Tube
  • Element Life: More than 8,000 Hours
  • Heat Distribution Area: Up to 22m2
  • Heating Angle: 130o
  • Heating Distance: 4.0m
  • Power Supply: 220-240v, 50/60Hz
  • Power Cable Length: 190cm
  • Power Connection: British Standard (BS) Plug
  • Control Method: Control Panel, Remote Control
  • Control Function: Off-Timer, Eco-Mode
  • Casing: Anodised Extruded Aluminium Construction with Brushed Metal Finish
  • Installation: Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • Tilt Angle Range (Wall-Mount): 30o
  • Chain Length (Ceiling-Mount): Adjustable up to 90cm
  • Safety Device: Overheat Protection`
  • Waterproof Rating: IP55
  • Insulation: Class 1
  • Certifications: CE, EMC, GS, IP55, RoHS
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Package Contents

  • 1 x Blade Heater
  • 1 x Wall-Mount Bracket
  • 1 x Ceiling-Mount Bracket
  • 1 x Remote Control (With Battery)
  • 1 x Product Manual

Delivery & Warranty

  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • UK Next Day Delivery
  • Worldwide Shipping Available
  • No Quibble Returns Policy