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Infrared vs. Gas

The facts – not just hot air!

Everyone with an outdoor space that they want to enjoy should have a heater for the colder seasons. It makes it more comfortable and enjoyable to eat outside, you can stretch out the evenings outdoors, and you can even extend the enjoyment of your garden or patio across a longer period of the year.

When it comes to patio heaters, the two most common types are electric infrared and gas-powered.

Let’s explain why we think infrared patio heaters are the smart choice…

What is infrared heating?

Put simply, infrared warms you like the summer sun!

Infrared is a form of radiated heat and part of the electromagnetic spectrum – what does that mean? Well, our heaters may be hi-tech, but the infrared heat they produce is 100% natural, meaning it’s easily absorbed by our skin (just like warm summer rays – but without the sunburn) and quickly warms our body.

Like the infrared rays of the sun, the rays from our infrared heaters will heat up solid objects (like you) and surfaces in their path – rather than just heating the air. This ‘direct heating’ effect makes infrared far more efficient than convection heating whereby the heat is often lost into cooler areas. Direct radiated heat warms everything it touches: bringing a lasting, comfortable feel to your outside space whilst using less energy.

optima heaters warm like the sun

Infrared Patio Heater Features

optima heaters heat you naturally


optima heaters use less energy


optima heaters maintenance


optima heaters no emmisions


optima heaters noiseless patio heaters



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The benefits of Infrared over Gas

Here are some key advantages infrared patio heaters have over gas-powered patio heaters:

Reduced Energy Use
– Cheaper to run

A standard propane gas patio heater operates at approximately 16kWh (that’s the amount of kW of energy it uses in one hour). But to heat a similar area using an efficient infrared heater would only need around 1.95kW.

A standard electricity tariff would be around £0.10/kWh – cheaper than a 6kg propane tank working out at about £0.25/kWh. As a simple comparison, if you have your patio heating on for 4 hours in the evening, the infrared would cost you 40p, while the propane usage will have clocked in at £1. Over the course of the summer that adds up to a significant difference!

Of course, with infrared heating there’s no trips to get new tanks and dispose of old ones – so you’re saving on car fuel too.

Natural Warmth
– Quickly and naturally heating your skin

Gas-powered heaters work by heating the air, which then heats your body. That means the heater needs to be turned on earlier so that it heats the air by the time you venture outside. A lot of energy is wasted with gas-powered patio heaters for this reason.

On the other hand, infrared patio heaters simply need to be turned on when you need the heat. It only takes a few seconds for you to feel the warmth. The reason behind this is that the infrared heaters directly warm your body, without having to warm the air around you.

Zero Carbon Emissions
– And no nasty fumes

Gas patio heaters produce CO2 emissions and other nasty fumes as they run. This is not only harmful to the environment, but also to the people inhaling the gas fumes. Our heaters do not produce carbon emissions – or any harmful emissions at all. In fact, when used with electricity generated from a sustainable source, they’re one of the few truly green heating systems on the market.

Maintenance Free
– No need to service

Infrared heaters use solid state elements and require absolutely no maintenance. Unlike heating systems which rely on gas, moving parts or internal combustion, they do not require servicing, inspection or repair and boast exceptionally long lifespans. Our heaters are certified to national health and safety standards.

Noiseless Operation
– Hear your guests – not your heater

Unlike noisy gas heaters which can hiss and roar, our infrared heaters are almost silent – causing no ambient noise to distract or disturb you and your guests.

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