Frequently Asked Questions

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What is infrared heating? 2017-04-26T15:07:18+00:00

Infrared heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people, as there is no warm up period. Also, as the air in between remains unheated no heat is lost to drafts. This form of heating is ideal in outdoor applications as the heating can be zoned and controlled.

What is the cost of running an outdoor infrared heater? 2017-04-26T15:07:33+00:00

Simply multiply the wattage of your heater by the hourly electricity cost. As an example, if you are using the 2000W Essential heater at full intensity and electricity costs 10p per hour per kilowatt, it will cost you 20p per hour to heat your patio. A good general estimate is 10p per 1000W per hour per lamp.

Are your heaters waterproof and can they be installed outdoors? 2017-04-26T15:07:33+00:00

All our heaters have been specifically designed to run in very wet environments, hence the reason our products have IP ‘waterproof’ ratings. An IP rating is a certificated confirmation that the product is capable of working in either a dusty or wet environment. Any rating ending in a 4 or 5 (e.g. IP55) is effectively completely weather resistant and can be installed in almost any outdoor situation.

How do I install my electric patio heater? 2017-04-26T15:07:57+00:00

Within our range of outdoor infrared heaters, you’ll find heaters available for installation in three principal locations: wall mounted, freestanding and ceiling mounted. All electric patio heaters for outdoor installation are very easy to install, however we always recommend that they should be fitted by a professional electrician to ensure safe operation. Installation information for each product can be found on individual product pages.

What are the recommended mounting heights and clearances required? 2017-04-26T15:08:18+00:00

Each model of heater has its own recommended mounting height and clearances and is based on the design and wattage. Please refer to individual product recommended mounting heights for specific instructions.

How do I determine how many heaters I will need to heat my area? 2017-04-26T15:08:41+00:00

In general – we estimate that 1000W of heating power will heat an area of about 5m2. For example, that means that a patio with total area of 20m2 will require approximately 4000W of heating power; this could be produced from using 2 strategically located heaters. Another big factor is exposure of the area to the elements so an enclosed walled courtyard area will need less heat per square meter than an open exposed area such the end of a garden. We are happy to help you design a system that will satisfy your needs and your budget.

What’s the heating span of your electric patio heaters? 2017-04-26T15:08:59+00:00

We supply a wide range of heaters suitable for heating outdoor spaces of all different sizes. Our smallest outdoor infrared heater can heat a span of 9m2. Our largest patio heater covers an area of 22m2.

How can I control my patio heaters? 2017-04-26T15:09:20+00:00

Each one of our heaters has some form of built-in control functionality. Degree of functionality ranges from basic push start buttons to more sophisticated remote control. Detailed information about control features can be found on individual product pages.

Are your infrared heaters suitable for use in commercial settings? 2017-04-26T15:09:20+00:00

Our heaters are fit for both residential and commercial use… We have been a leading manufacturer of outdoor heating solutions for over 10 years, supplying private homes and businesses with superb quality products.

What standards do your heaters meet? 2017-04-26T15:16:11+00:00

Every one of our heaters is manufactured to meet the latest European safety standards (CE and IP).

What sort of maintenance is required and how long do the bulbs last? 2017-04-26T15:10:03+00:00

A standard lamp (depending on its type) should last from 5,000 to 8,000 hours of use. In many installations, you may enjoy your heater for years before a replacement heating element would be needed, however we do stock replacement elements and other spare parts should you ever need them.

How long do the heaters take to warm up? 2017-04-26T15:10:38+00:00

Our heaters heat up at the touch of a button – instantly. This makes them perfect for those spontaneous evenings in your back garden or patio.

How much noise do infrared heaters make? 2017-04-26T15:11:14+00:00


Do your infrared heaters emit any light? 2017-04-26T15:11:25+00:00

Yes. As a by-product, a small % of the output is light, which gives a gentle illumination.

Do infrared heaters give off any fumes or radiation? 2017-04-26T15:11:46+00:00

No – infrared heaters do not give off any smells, fumes or harmful radiation. They are of course hot and should never be positioned where children or intoxicated patrons might behave inappropriately.

Can infrared patio heaters effect my skin and give me a tan or sunburn? 2017-04-26T15:11:46+00:00

No, there is no risk of this whatsoever. Sun tans are derived from the UV spectrum of light whilst our systems all use infrared light. This is the same light that warms your skin from the sun and is completely safe.

How environmentally sound are electric infrared patio heaters, especially compared with gas patio heaters? 2017-04-26T15:12:16+00:00

Electric heating is safe, sound, odourless, silent and emission free. It is 100% efficient unlike gas heaters which lose approximately 70% of their heat by way of emissions into the air. Infrared heaters direct their energy into a beam that only heats the objects it touches rather than heating the air in between.

Why choose an electric heater, rather than a gas heater? 2017-04-26T15:12:25+00:00

Simply put, electric heaters look better, are more efficient and are easier to operate and maintain. Electric heaters are 100% efficient and are perfectly safe for use outdoors. They are also economical to operate and require little maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. Unlike gas heaters, there are no valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners to maintain or repair. In addition, electric heaters produce no sound, odours or toxic emissions. Electric heaters also offer added mounting and installation options. An electric heater is also easier to use; enjoying electric comfort heat is as easy as flipping a switch.

Do infrared heaters require special venting? 2017-04-26T15:12:25+00:00

No – infrared heaters do not consume oxygen to operate and do not produce any carbon dioxide or nitrous oxides (by products of combustion associated with gas or propane burning units) that require extensive venting systems.